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Weaning Off the Pump

When I began my EP journey, I originally hoped I would make it through their second cold and flu season (approx 15 months old). However, around the time the twins turned 1, my body started to wean itself.

My production started to drop and things were getting busier [i.e. Kinsley was starting to pull up to walk and Jayna wasn't far behind]. We traveled to see family in Arizona over Thanksgiving and I hated removing myself from the festivities to pump or passing on the wine because I knew I needed to pump.

We also learned we weren't going to have additional childcare help at home for 3+ weeks over the Christmas and New Year holidays - so pumping around the clock + 2 walking toddlers + a house to take care of was too much - so I started the weaning process.

I took a slow and conservative approach slowly dropping pumps and reducing the amount of time spent pumping.

My weaning schedule:

4 PPD - 6AM / 11AM / 3PM / 8PM

3 PPD - 7AM / 2PM / 8PM

2 PPD - 7AM / 8PM

1 PPD - 8PM

Before dropping entire pump sessions, I was slowly reducing the time I spent pumping in that slot.

I maintained 3PPD for about 10 days before reducing to 2PPD.

Once down to 2 pumps per day, I was still yielding 9-10oz, which was enough for a bedtime bottle. My girls were slowly weaning from their bottle at this time too (they were more interested in bedtime stories versus a bottle). After 10 days, I was at 2PPD.

I slowly reduced the time before dropping down to just 1PPD. After 5 days at 1 PPD, I was able to stop completely. My last pump yielded 3.5oz on 12/15/2020 and I have never looked back!



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