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Sponsor & Collaborations

We love trying new products and sharing brands that our family loves and  think other parents would too!  All content packages are customized based on your marketing needs and objectives.

Brands We've Worked With

Here is a selection of brands we have worked with in the past few months.  All content is authentic and true to the life of a twin mom and sponsored posts include my own thoughts.  We are so grateful for the support from our sponsors that make it possible for the time, effort, and energy we've invested in this space.


Join us on the latest social media crazy for authentic, relatable, and trending content featuring your brand!  We've amassed 691K+ followers with 24M+ likes, averaging 600K video views per day.


Connect with parents everywhere with a more refined, relatable, and high quality content.  It's the perfect way to complement a video campaign. Our 43.2K followers are rapidly growing and highly engaged.  We reach 2.7M accounts per week with our Feed and Reels, while our stories reach 3K per post.

Wanna Collab? We Do!

If you are interested in partnering with us to create brand integrations and/or sponsorship on TikTok and Instagram please reach out to us at or contact us below.

We would be happy to see if your brand is a good fit for our family and audience to see how we can help reach your social media and advertising goals!

Press Kit and Rates available upon request.

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