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Meet the face behind the posts and camera

Do what you love. Love what you do.

[except for all that laundry - you just have to do it]


Life is full of amazing experiences and I am hungry for all this world has to offer.  Born and raised in a small-town in Connecticut, I married my Kansas-raised husband in 2015 and we currently call Los Angeles home.


We welcomed identical twin girls, Jayna and Kinsley, in November 2019. We are far from perfect - but try to embrace each challenge as an opportunity and make lasting memories.   

I am a multi-tasking master. Work full time in Global Partnerships.  Avid spinner (the bike-kind, not the yarn-kind). Travel Enthusiast. Wine Drinker. 

In my spare time (wait, what is that?) you can find me at the gym, giggling girls and husband, playing with our dog, eating sushi, or taste-testing a seasonal craft beer.

I love the SoCal weather, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, and colorful bedding (let's be honest - everyone enjoys a good throw pillow).

Most days you can find me with a smile on my face with a good pair of pearl earrings and girls in toe.

I was motivated to launch TheFoxSaysTwins as the girls were entering toddlerhood.  There is such limited resources available about how to manage twin toddlers.


Join me on this twindom experience and all that comes with it!

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