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The Importance of Date Night

So in the last few days, I’ve had conversations with a few girls friends about date night and quality time with our significant others. My husband and I make it a priority to have a day or night out at least once a month....and you should too!

Parenting is challenging and it can take a toll on even the strongest relationships, but taking time to connect as a couple may actually make you think, "Oh wow, I really do love you," because let's be real - there are many instances in motherhood where you may question that (shhhh - don't tell my hubby).

We both work full-time and are fortunate to have a nanny that comes to our house Monday - Friday to watch the girls and help with some things around the house...but having her stay late during the week or on the weekends is expensive...which is why I am happy to share our parenting hack: DAY DATES. You heard me, you both work full-time, which means you get vacation, and you are already paying for childcare during the day (either at home or with daycare), so why not take advantage?!

Our best day dates are on a Thursday or a Friday. We hit the gym together in the morning (for me to kick my husband's butt), come home to spend time with the twins, then venture out for brunch, time at the beach or park to disconnect, hit a local brewery and then head home by 4pm, in time for our evening routine.

With COVID lockdowns we had to get creative with our date nights. Sharing some ideas and inspirations below:

  • Nap Time Date - Twins go to nap and you have at least 1.5 hours to connect. Napa has always been a special place for us, so we will enjoy some wine with a baguette, cheese, and meat selection

  • Post-Bed Date Night - Find your favorite date spot and get takeout. Put the kids to bed, put on a nice top, and get that food (and drinks!) to go. One of the silver linings of COVID is most restaurants are now offering takeout for their food and drink menus.

  • Day Date - Our personal favorite: hit a local brunch spot and spend the afternoon doing something you love and used to do BC (before children), while you've got childcare covered

Picture from our last date: beach + bites in Orange County [Girls 21 Months Old]:

Picture of our first Day Date (March 2020) with Wine + Snacks at the Beach [Girls 4 Months Old]:


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