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Holiday Gift Guide Ideas for Twins

Holiday season is upon us! This is our third year together as a family for Christmas (and the twins just turned 2!). Sharing some of our top gifts as inspiration for your holiday shopping. Spoiler: I put some of my favorites on here too - no shame in wrapping a "Mom" gift under the tree that you knew about [and even purchased/wrapped]

Most of the items below have a twin theme or focus (i.e. there is seating or room for two), but would certainly work for any singleton. These items are also all available on Amazon - because that is where 99% of my shopping happens. I have a full list of Christmas (and gift ideas) on Amazon too.

Items are listed in order of age appropriateness:

There are tons of Play Mats on the market - but this is the only one we found that was big enough for both girls for a long time (at least 6 months). We gifted it to them on Christmas morning when they were just 6 weeks old! The entire mat collapses flat and the base is machine washable. It also has an added pillow for tummy time, mirrors, rattles and teethers.

Sit to Stand Walker (Age 9 Months - 3 Years)

Welcome to our learning farm...I can still hear the jingle in my head and both girls still play with this at 2 years old! We started with just one, but needed to upgrade to two later on. I am a firm believer this is what helped our girls walk on the earlier side. It has an array of musical sounds (and volume control level). The wheels have two speeds and the musical panel pops off for separate play.

Learning Activity Table (Age 6 -24 months)

We received this as a gift from our neighbor and both girls love it (and still play with it at 2 years old). I love it because there is space for both of them to stand and play, plus there are a variety of different modes, including learning, music, and Spanish. Any toy that both can play with at the same time is a win by me.

It looks like the one we have is no longer available, but this one and this one are really similar.

We got this for Jayna & Kinsley last year for Christmas and it was a huge hit! It is the only side-by-side push car on the market (not sure why blue is the only color - but we always call it our Little Blue Truck just like the book). I love that there are two steering wheels and a sun shade. We use this almost daily for our afternoon walks. Bonus! I read reviews of people who said they still use it with their 5 year old twins!

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe (Age 9 Months - 3 Years)

Before the Little Blue Truck, there was the Cozy Coupe (back in the days when both girls could fit inside of one). We could squeeze them together until they turned 1 and ultimately needed to expand to a second one. We made the mistake of not getting a matching one (i.e. red and yellow), which is still a constant source of frustration - so I'd recommend two of the same color.

In the summer months, we give have DIY car washes, with some soap, water, and sponges which is a great sensory activity.

Foam Ball Pit (Age 9 Months +)

If I reflect on the best gift we got for these two - it is a ball pit. They absolutely LOVED it! It was also the first toy that any other kid that came to our house wanted to play in. We gave it to them just before Christmas (because I was solo parenting twins and was in desperate need of some help and the ball pit came to the rescue!). They would spend hours just rolling around in it. Loved this one because it was big enough for two kids and the entire lining was machine washable.

It's no surprise that babies and toddlers love water! We love our water table and play with it year round (thanks to calling Los Angeles home). This one has ample space and toys for two kids to easily maneuver between.

Soft Play Climbing Set (Age 12 months +)

As much as I love brand name items, I also love me some Amazon Basics. This indoor climber fits the bill. The pieces lock together for easy staking when not in use and to build a variety of forts and other fun set ups. Rare moment of them reading on the blocks below

Now we are getting to the big stuff. We got this car for the twins for their 2nd birthday and it was a crowd pleaser! It took about 45 minutes to assemble, but once it was done and charged we were ready to rock! It has a remote control option for parents (so we can drive/steer for them), and an option for them to drive when they get bigger. The truck also plays music (including bluetooth), lights, and a pretty legit horn. We get asked where we bought it all the time. Available in white and pink.

Keeps your coffee/tea warm at your desired temperature....need I say more? Because we need caffeine but who wants to keep putting it in the microwave?

Literally the best investment! It vacuums and mops our entire downstairs every day. Yes, it is expensive, but they usually have a good discount around the holidays (currently $300 off on Amazon) and only $800 on their website)

We have this one for our upstairs to vacuum. Also does a great job and has a mop function. It's half the price of the Narwal (currently DreamTech is on sale for $289)


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