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Pumping & Feeding Schedule: 3-6 Months

We finally found our groove and routine! I am far from a poster child on what these schedules should look like - but we made an effort to have a looser schedule that kept our girls fed and happy and making pumping work with my schedule - but still for a minimum of 6 times per day (including a MOTN pump).

I also returned to work (which was just working from home due to the Covid19 pandemic), but I still blocked 30 minutes on my calendar 2-3 times per day to make sure I was pumping. Despite my flexibility in the day, I still kept my middle of the night pumps. I never set an alarm, but found I would often roll over between 1-4am and I would grab my pump, snack, and water bottle for 25-30 minutes. This was often my largest pump of the day and I enjoyed the quiet time to scroll through my phone.

Picture of me on my first day "back" to work - complete with Spectra pump + Mother's Milk tea on the desk:

Feeding [Goal: 6-7oz per feeding]






Pumping [Yielding 33-40oz per day]








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