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Potty Training Schedule for Twins

I've got lots of content on potty training (see my Toddlerhood section), but wanted to circulate our schedule. We never used a "set the timer to sit them" method, instead, we trusted that they could listen to their bodies and tell us when it was time to go...with a gentle nudge from Mom and Dad to help minimize accidents and interruptions (mainly during meal time and when leaving the house).

Our potty training schedule for the first month or so:

7:30/8am Wake - Remove diaper & sit on toilet. Pick undies

8:15am Breakfast & Play

9am - Potty Break and leave the house (if we were going to go out)

11:45am Potty Break + Lunch

Note, we shifted their lunch earlier because we were trying to catch a poop on the potty before nap

1:15-2pm Potty Break + Nap

Pre-potty training, nap time was always 1pm. We shifted it to be a bit later during this phase to try to catch poop on the toilet before nap. If we didn't catch it here, it was almost guaranteed to happen during nap.

Sit on potty upstairs, quick diaper "so you can stay dry to sleep" and out. Undies over the diaper.

4pm Wake Up + Potty Break

Remove diaper and sit to pee.

4:15pm Snack - ideally a quick walk outside (if you were too nervous to leave the house earlier)

6pm Potty Break + Dinner

By 7pm, they almost always had to pee and nights when we lingered downstairs we missed it.

7:15pm Potty Break + Bath

As we moved into our flow beyond the initial training month, we always sit them to potty before we leave the house, as soon as we return from being out, and before meals. They don't always go, but it gives the best opportunity for us to not have to think about it for a bit.

Update: Around 5 months in, when both are really strong with peeing and pooping on the toilet, we often have an issue during dinner where mid-meal one or both need to poop. We haven't mastered that one yet....but ask them to hold it until at least one adult is mostly done with dinner.


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