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5 Hacks to Leaving the House with Twin Toddlers

Leaving the house with twins is HARD at any age (for a variety of reasons), but sharing some of my hacks for how we make it easier to do with toddlers.

1. We own TWO diaper bags - Both of which are always packed and ready to go. One bag is our "we're going to a restaurant" or somewhere that you will need to be entertained (which means it includes art supplies, color books, bibs, silverware, a snack (like a pouch) and a toilet seat (see number 5). The other bag is our "we are going to play somewhere" and basically just need a change of clothes.

2. Shoe bins at the base of the stairs - Grabbing a bunch of items to run out the door is never easy, and I hate trying to locate one missing shoe and it's a pain to run upstairs right before we leave, so we have bins at the base of the stairs for the shoes that both girls wear most days.

3. Water cups that do not spill and fit in the car seat cup holders - If only it were this easy! I don't know why it is so hard to find cups that (a) you kid will drink out of (b) aren't a PITA to wash (c) don't spill and (d) fit in things when you travel. These are the cups we first used and I loved them because of the grip and no spill, but didn't fit in the cupholders (only $3 each). And these are our new favorites that don't spill AND fit in our cupholders.

4. Sets of car seats in both cars - This is just a no brainer....we did it when the girls were infants (because we were able to just get another set of bases for our carseats to clip in and out of (we had the UppaBaby seats), but waited way too long to get them once we graduated to real carseats. The primary (and nicer) set of carseats are in Mom's car and the second set was much cheaper and are also the car seats that we fly with. It w

5. Portable toilets - Oh potty training, it never truly ends. Gone are the diapers and here are the toilets. We have two types of seats. One that is compact and stays in the diaper bag that lays on top of a normal toilet seat and one that you can use in your trunk or in the middle of the field if you got stuck.

What did I miss?! Any other hacks that would make it easier…I still feel like I’m learning every day.


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