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Painting While Pregnant - When Nesting Goes Wrong

I love a good deal - especially on something that I know we are only going to be using for a short period of time. I found a Pottery Barn dresser for sale on Facebook Marketplace for $100.

I was super excited when we went to pick it up - but quickly learned (1) it was HEAVY (2) they painted it white themselves and went for the distressed look and (3) painting while pregnant is not a good idea.

Picture of my husband and our gracious neighbor carrying the 75lb+ dresser inside. Note: purchase those straps from Home Depot to carry heavy things!

Our house has a shared driveway and there was nowhere easy to park our second car (for me to paint in the garage), so we moved it upstairs with a drop cloth for me to paint in their room (with windows and balcony doors open for fumes).

I went to put the final coat on one morning before heading to the doctor for my check-in. I stood up with my pregnant belly and lack of balance and knocked the entire gallon of paint onto our brand new dark hardwood floors. I was sick! I was sweating as I frantically tried to remove the heaps of paint off the floor - including removing my shirt to mop it up - but having to abruptly leave to get to the OBGYN.

No pictures of the mess - but here is what remained after HOURS of work to remove it.


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