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I was prepared for NICU time, but not like this!

When we found out we were having twins, we assumed that one or both girls were going to spend some time in the NICU after birth (since they typically come early and are small)...but what we didn't prepare for was our actual experience.

Jayna & Kinsley were born healthy at 37 weeks + 2 days and we spent a few days together as a family in the hospital before being discharged home as a family of four. We returned to the doctor's office for our first check up, 24 hours after being home.

Due to a myriad of circumstances (that still frustrate me!), Kinsley's body temperature was low and she wasn't able to get it up to a temperature that doctor's were comfortable she was admitted to the NICU on the spot!

I remember calling my mom (who was graciously living with us to help in the early days) bawling my eyes out! crying 😭 How could we have gone home as a family and now one baby was being taken from me? (at least that is how it felt)

The team of doctors and nurses assured us this was in the best interest for all of us - and reflecting back, they were right. Kinsley's stay in the NICU ended up being extended for 4 days because she had some O2 drops, but she left the NICU stronger than she entered and weighed more than she did at birth. We went to visit her 2X a day, sometimes with her sister, sometimes just solo, and I brought her whatever milk I was able to pump.

FWIW, I think it was for the best for the reasons below:

1. Baby's Health - The doctors and nurses were able to monitor her around the clock. O2 was never an issue until she was there (cue the mom-paranoia that Jayna had the same issue at home but we didn't know because we didn't have the high tech monitoring at home).

2. Mom's Rest & Recovery - After carrying two babies and the surgery of a c-section, I was grateful for the extra ability to rest and only have to care for one baby.

3. Fed is Best - I started pumping (and even pumped in the NICU) but it was the early days and I wasn't making much. We were supplementing Kinsley with formula while she was in the NICU to make sure she got enough to eat, which was the gateway into the hybrid feeding model they had most of their lives. Despite all my hours on the pump, I was never able to produce enough for 2 babies.

4. We experienced what it is like to have ONE baby - My husband and I joke about this all the time, but not having to feed TWO at 2am is a major difference from feeding just one, so we can say "we've walked in those shoes"

So twin moms-to-be, prepare for the chance of a NICU stay *after* you've been released from the hospital.


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