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Highlight of the trip: Standing in an elevator on the cruise ship in a bikini. A 7-year-old girl looks at my stomach and exclaims, "Woah - your belly is HUGE"... and I still had 3+ months to go.

My husband and I love cruises, and we wanted to explore a new area. We were a bit nervous about leaving the country with me being 5 months pregnant with twins (our doctor even told us to pay for the travel protection in case I needed to get transported from the ship while at sea) - so we opted for a cruise along the Canada/US border. The trip did not disappoint.

It was full of all the things that were important: food (all you can eat), entertainment, the ability to relax, no real schedule, and a new place to explore every day.

Key things to remember: Take the time off. Make the trip happen. Eat the food. Relish in the polite (and rude) comments you will hear. Mocktails are amazing. So are supportive pants, bras, and socks.


A beautiful city and our first stop. We flew in a day early for #nostress and enjoyed a hike for views of the city and mocktails at a roof top bar

My husband was feeling badly that I had to carry the extra weight around through the hot streets - so he decided to show his support:

He even wheeled our luggage from the hotel to cruise terminal (since taxis weren't able to drop off close by)


I got to put my French lessons to the test in Quebec as we navigated a bus to the Montmorency Falls. The Falls are taller than Niagara Falls and so beautiful! We got caught in some rain when we first arrived, but I am proud to say we made it all the way to the bottom (and back up!) of all 487 steps!


Queue the pregnancy emotions!! I just remember walking through the city telling my husband I may cry at any point and it was not his fault...and the tears followed.

Sydney, Nova Scotia

Staying on the active train - we rented bicycles in Sydney and cycled 20 miles around the two islands to see the iconic violin, light houses, and beautiful landscapes before returning back to our ship for the buffets.

Sag Harbor

Such a quiet and beautiful city! We rented a car to drive out to the light house.

We returned to the boat for our final formal dinner night complete with surf and turf (steak well-done, thank you pregnancy)

Acadia National Park

Our final stop was Bar Harbor and it did not disappoint....but the maps of the hiking trails did! The hope for a short loop was long gone as we passed the summit and were worried about making it back to the ship on time! We indulged in ice cream once back to town and laughed at a t-shirt we needed to buy for my husband!


We finished our trip in Boston, with a visit to see some old friends and my brother's girlfriend. Too tired for a night out - we opted for pizza + pastries in the hotel room!


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