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Telling My Sister She is Going to be an Aunt

Ah! The time has finally come to tell family that we are expecting! We wanted to do it in-person - as much as possible. I was flying to San Francisco for work, which meant I could see my sister and we decided to surprise her there.

I told her it was a belated birthday present (which was true, for one of the items), but she swears she could see a little bump and was positive it was a pregnancy announcement when I tried to Facetime Lyman.

I was pretty proud of our gift - Auntie shirt, Aunt Colleen Syrup, DOUBLEmint gum, two "For Fox Sake" onesies and a picture frame.

She cried as she opened the box - and turned in shock when she pulled out the second onesie asking "Was it natural?" (if only I knew how often I would get that question!)

I think she was pretty happy:


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