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Introducing Solid Food

We slowly started to introduce solids right before 6 months. Living in LA, it seemed only fitting that avocado be their first food, especially since it was high in fats and our girls were TINY!

We made all of our fruit and vegetable purees at home, but transitioned to the jarred options for all meats and fruits/veggies that were not in season.

First bite of avocado:

We used the table for two to introduce most of our solids (until the girls were sitting up on their own - then we transitioned to their high chairs). MOM HACK - line the table for two with oversized towels. It is 10x easier to wash those compared to the pads on the seat (note, there is no towel in the picture below).

We tried to alternate the color and texture of foods - which helped with their order of appearance. I started by mixing the items with breastmilk, but ultimately started to use formula instead (since you have to discard any food that is not consumed - and throwing away breast milk aka "liquid gold" is painful).

Order of appearance:

  1. Avocado

  2. Carrots

  3. Peas

  4. Sweet potato

  5. Pears

  6. Green beans

  7. Rice cereal

  8. Strawberries

  9. Apples

  10. Corn

  11. Banana

  12. Broccoli

  13. Butternut squash

  14. Pineapple

  15. Zucchini

  16. Chicken

  17. Peaches

  18. Watermelon

  19. Cauliflower

  20. Eggs

Some of my favorite pictures of new food below:




Rice Cereal:


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