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Feeding & Pumping Schedule: 9-12 Months

Oh goodness! We are closing in on ONE YEAR! By this point the only thing I was actively tracking were my pump sessions and output. The twins had discovered a love for food (just like their mother) and we transitioned to just 2 bottles per day (1 in the morning and 1 before bed). We started to introduce whole milk in sippy cups around 11 months (I was adamant against putting breastmilk or formula in anything other than a bottle).

I posted my Table for Two for sale in October, just before their 1st birthday. Highchairs have been a godsend, and they love them!

Sisters at Dinner:

Feeding & Sleep Schedule

7:30am - bottle

9am - breakfast

10am - nap

12pm - bottle

1pm - lunch

3pm - nap

5pm - bottle

6pm - dinner

7:15pm - bottle + bed

Pumping [Average 17-23 oz per day]






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I'm Kristen, a first-time Mom of identical twin girls who are 3. I work full-time, teach group fitness classes, and am on the wild ride of motherhood.

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