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Feeding & Pumping Schedule: 6-9 Months

Over the hump and time to start to introduce solids! It is such a fun (and messy) time, but totally worth it! The majority of the girls calories still came from breastmilk & formula, but we started to introduce solid foods (albeit purees) into the mix.

We initially started with only purees and slowly migrated to a hybrid approach of purees + baby led weaning (BLW). More of that in other posts.

This was also an iconic time because I gave up my middle of the night pumps in July (8 months). We took a "parents trip" for 2 nights to Napa and I woke up every night at 2-3am to pump in the bathroom, but decided once the girls were solid on solids, I could take the extra sleep.

Post workout pump session (or just pumping in gym pants):

Both girls were always so interested in my pump!

Feeding [Goal: 6-8oz per feeding, 28oz per day]

7:30am - bottle

9am - solids

11am - bottle

3pm - bottle

6pm - solids

7:30pm - bottle

Pumping [Yielding 25-30oz per day]

3am - gave this up around 8.5 months




8:30pm [RIGHT before bed]


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