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Transitioning Out of the Snoo

All good things must come to an end....and such is the case of using the Snoo. I had been dreading this day before the twins had even arrived, but it was not worth the stress! The girls made a seamless transition over a period of time. Sharing my transition tips below.

Twins in their Snoo on our first night at home:

What is the Snoo?

The Snoo is the safest (and smartest) bassinet ever made. They claim to add 1-2+ hours of sleep per night for babies…and their tired parents! Since our girls only slept in the Snoo for the first 5.5 months, I can't say whether this was actually true, but I can tell you they started sleeping 6+ hour stretches in the first two months, and I can only thank the Snoo + our motto to "Live and Die by the Schedule."

The Snoo has a few different settings, but from 6 weeks onwards, we had ours on "wean mode." This meant the Snoo only rocked if the baby started to cry. We opted to make this shift early on because we had a few local trips planned (where we couldn't fit two Snoos in the car) and wanted to make sure the girls weren't reliant on motion/rocking to sleep.

How We Used the Snoo

We used the Snoo from the day we came home from the hospital for all nighttime sleeping. We never used it during the day for naps (although it very easily can be). When the girls were little, they used to nap in their bassinets (in the house and on walks), in their dock-a-tots (a knock-off version), the swing/mama-roo and basically anywhere we were. I have another post on that - but basically, we stuck to our sleep schedule, which meant they napped in lots of different places.

For what it's worth, at 22 months old, both girls are still excellent sleepers, which makes me wonder if this is one of the reasons why?

Adjusting to the Nursery

We always did our MOTN feedings and diaper changes in the nursery, so it was a familiar space for them. We started spending more and more time in the nursery during wake time so that it became a safe and comfortable space for them to be in.

As the girls started to get bigger, we transitioned them into their cribs for naps. We started with the Magic Merlin, which is truly an amazing product. Not only do your kids look hysterical (a dose of laughter does a tired Mom some good), but they loved them and immediately calmed down when they were zipped in. They were also easy to travel with and can be used until the baby can roll over IN the suits.

The Big Transition

Ultimately, the reason we moved them out of the Snoo was to get them out of our room, so I could get some rest. Babies are NOISY at night, with all their gurgles and murmurs, I was really having a hard time sleeping. I had recently gone back to work too, making sleep even more important, so it was time.

We moved the Snoos into their nursery and placed them next to their cribs (see picture below):

After a few nights like this (and before a weekend just in case it went south), we put them in their Magic Merlin's and plunked them into their cribs and never looked back! I remember telling my husband it was much easier than I had anticipated and debated why we had waited so long....

Traveling Without the Snoo

Real talk here, not sure if this is doctor approved, but it's what worked for us....when we traveled (obviously without the Snoo), we brought our UppaBaby bassinets and the Snoo swaddles for the girls to sleep in. We swaddled them in a blanket, then the Snoo sack just like we did at home before plunking them into their bassinet to sleep.

Buy or Rent the Snoo?

The Snoo has an option to buy ($1500) or rent ($3/day). We opted to buy both of ours outright one of the weekend's that Happiest Baby was having a sale...and selected a delivery date closer to their arrival. I was able to sell both of our Snoo's through a local Facebook Mom's group for $120 less than we purchased them for....meaning we had almost 6 months of sleeping twins for $240 #worthit

Picture of our Snoo boxed up and ready to be sold!


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