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Surviving a Weekend Alone with the Twins [Second Time]

My husband traveled back to Kansas to visit his family and celebrate a close friend's 40th birthday...which left me home along with the twins for 4 days! Happy to report that we survived, but I definitely added a few grey hairs to my head and lost some weight turning the experience.

I uncovered a few revelations that made things successful: EAT WHEN THEY EAT, don't let them out of their high chair until everything is clean, leverage those delivery services, and have a new toy on hand. Now, I know this may sound like a no brainer, but it is often overlooked in our house....both of these items allowed maximum quality time with the girls (keeping everyone happy) and the house to look [somewhat] put together when they went for naps.

Picture from Saturday afternoon:

Eat When They Eat

I guess I should also add to eat what they eat. It's less bowls, less clean up, less food jealousy....and in my case, less food intake for Mom, since they seem to devour Mommy/Daughter meals. During our days together, we indulged in Cheesy Weenies (hot dogs + mac and cheese), salmon + rice, tortellini Alfredo with chicken [a personal favorite that my hubby hates], and breakfast quesadillas.

Keep Them In Their High Chair

When we eat as a family, we make a conscious effort to all sit and eat together for the duration of the time we are all eating. When flying solo, as soon as I am done (which seems to be scarf-down mode when eating with them), I start on the dishes from cooking. When the girls are done, I clean their high chair trays and put them back on the chair before cleaning the girls and letting them run free again in the house.

I love that then when meal time is done - it is really done...but it is not a perfect science, and when all else fails...turn-on Cocomelon on TV for the win.

Delivery Services to Save You

It was night one of four and I knew I had a slammed day at work the following day, but needed to get some groceries in the house to get through the weekend. I splurged and used Shipt (via Target) for someone to do the shopping for me and bring it to the house. I placed my order quickly while cooking dinner and it arrived just after the girls went to sleep. Bonus, I splurged on a pint of my favorite ice cream - Phish Food from Ben & Jerrys - which I enjoyed some of every night after they went to bed.

New Toys

I always try to hang on to toys/items to pull out during tough times (road trips, visitors, weekends alone). I had purposely been saving our newest Lovevery box for this weekend since I know new toys always keep them busy!

Highlights from the time include:


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