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No Flat Heads Here

Since before giving birth, I was determined to do everything in my power to avoid a flat head + helmet....because those helmets are expensive! (and we would have to buy two!)

I'm sharing a few things we did in our early days to help ward off those flatheads. I know some of these may not be sanctioned by doctors, but I am sharing because it worked for us, and we always supervised them when napping.

Special Pillow for their Snoo + sleeping mats

Side Sleeping during Naps

Tummy Time Naps and Tummy Time during waking hours as they got older

Move them to more upright positions when possible (we used the Baby Bjorn bouncers, Skip Hop Activity Centers, door jam jumper, and jumperoo)


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I'm Kristen, a first-time Mom of identical twin girls who are 3. I work full-time, teach group fitness classes, and am on the wild ride of motherhood.

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