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How am I supposed to juggle twins and a career?

They say you can it have it all, right? As someone who works full-time, has twins, and a few side hustles… I really have found myself questioning whether or not that is in fact true. CAN you have it?

I have always been a go-getter in the workplace, thinking I would rise to a leadership position before 40, and always looking for good - better - best, never accepting "right on track" or "right where you need to be."

But after having kids I find myself taking a pause. Do I want to still work full-time or would I rather be home with the girls? If I made that switch now, would I be able to re-enter the workforce when they get bigger? Would I regret walking away from a career I've worked so hard for? How would we afford our mortgage on one salary? What would our lifestyle look like?

Two days later I see a job posting that aligns with my passions and I apply to it? Just throw my name in the ring and see what happens? Or do I want to pump the brakes on my career and just pause?

I've been told what you do in your 30's sets you up for the rest of your career. I've been told to live in the moment and savor the time because you can't get it back.

What is a girl to do?

Truth be told - I don't have a crystal ball with the right answer. And what is right for one person, may not be right for the next person....but I can share with you some solid advice I have received from a few mentors in the last few months that have helped ground and guide my decisions:

  • Most of us are going to work until we are in our 60s - why do we need to rush to get there so fast?

  • Our kids will never be the age they are today, savor the moments and capture the time when it counts?

  • When you look back on your life do you want to say, I am glad I missed that soccer game but I made it to the big meeting?

  • What is wrong with just being "average" or "normal" or "right on track" in the workplace for a period of time?

A female executive that I respected greatly in my previous job used to talk about work/life balance as a pendulum - it is rarely balanced in the day or the week or the month - but when you look back over your career as a whole, there are times where work was more important and there are times when life was more important - and it all balances out.

Picture of me heading back to the office for the first time since maternity leave + COVID after 22 months:


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I'm Kristen, a first-time Mom of identical twin girls who are 3. I work full-time, teach group fitness classes, and am on the wild ride of motherhood.

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