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Why I am Not Moving my Twins to Toddler Beds - YET

The girls at almost 2.5 years old and they have become escape artists. Most mornings they are climbing out of their cribs before the sun rises. People tell me all the time that I need to move them to toddler beds - but here are the five reasons I am not moving them to toddler beds (yet):

Picture of them post-nap after wreaking havoc on their room:

1. I am not ready

I don't want to! I don't want them roaming the house at 2am, rolling over to seeing them at my face, and potentially wreaking havoc on the house. I will have many, many years of this in my future, but I am not ready to make the change.

2. I am not concerned about their safety

If you read other blogs about transitioning out of the crib, a popular reason is because of safety, and I whole-heatedly support this. I never want to do anything that would put their safety in jeopardy. But, I have watched them climb in and out of their cribs a million times (including before bed when I am in the room and on the monitor when they escape), and they do so with grace. They are calculated in their movements and always go feet first with support.

3. We are not expecting another child

Another popular reason for making the swap is because you are expecting another baby and need to free up the crib for them. We aren't planning to have another baby right now - so there is no rush to move them.

4. They still fit in their cribs

Often a tradition crib or a mini-crib becomes too small for the child to lay fully flat, which is a reason that parents make the switch. We purchased convertible cribs that will transition into toddler beds (by replacing/swapping the arms) for when we are ready to make the move. They still fit in the cribs totally fine and will for the foreseeable future.

5. Not ready for overnight potty training

The last common reason for making the switch is overnight potty training. How can you expect a kid to be able to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night if they can't easily exit the crib? Lucky for us, we still diaper them when they sleep (nap and overnight) so this is not a concern at this point.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you (and your spouse), but know that once you make the switch you can't go back. Plus, they are only little for so long, so why rush things?

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Wow those cute little monkeys dressed in cute pink Nike outfits trashing their room and making mischief like any kid would. I wish I can teach them songs I used to sing to my 2 older nieces when they were the twins age and I also wish I can play some kid songs on the piano for them.

Have you thought of eventually enrolling the twins into music classes such as piano lessons? I bet they would LOVE IT

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