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Weekend road trip with twin toddlers (21 Months Old)

Ah, the blog article that is going to make The Fox Says Twins blog official!

People told us when we had kids our life was over and it would never be the same. They said we wouldn’t get to do the things we loved to do. And while yes, it would have been easy to just stay home, refrain from making plans, and risk losing our social circle and sanity, we chose not to.

I’m here to tell you that is not true. Life does not have to end, you can still do what you love. It is all about mindset.

We purchased a vacation rental home in Lake Arrowhead a few years ago. It’s a quick escape from LA for a change of scenery. We love to hike and love the seasons, but worried that if we didn't purchase a second home before having kids we never would. We rent the property out, but opted to use it ourselves this weekend.

Things have been busy and stressful, so we took a weekend trip to the mountains for a change of scenery and opportunity to reset.

Unfortunately, we had a few hiccups [our car overheated half-way up the mountain, Jayna got car sick, Kinsley hurt her arm], but were able to enjoy quality time as a family, get some fresh air, take a morning hike around the Lake, spend time at a few playgrounds, grabbed beers at a local brewery, and even enjoyed a soak in the hot tub during the girls' nap time before heading back to LA.

We aim to get away at least every other month and are sharing some of our favorites, must-haves here, and hacks:

  • Hiccapop Travel High Chair - Literally THE BEST! We have been using these since the girls were about 9 months old (sitting on their own and eating solids). We take them everywhere - to the beach, the park, concerts, a friend's house for dinner, and even when we travel (airplanes included). They are lightweight, the tray is dishwasher safe, and the fabric of the seat can go in the laundry machine. They can even strap onto dining chairs if you want them to be table height.

  • Tablet for the Car - We don't rely on this, but it makes it way less stressful for when we get stuck in traffic or the girls are getting fussy. We opted for the Kids Fire Tablet - just make sure you download the content before you go (and you have to refresh things from Netflix every 30 days).

  • Bring Your Food - We ended up getting take-out one night for the adults, but it is so much easier to bring our own stuff, yes, you have to pack it, but you know what you have, and can plan your meals before you leave. Plus, if you have a change of heart and decide to go out or order takeout, you can, and just bring the other stuff home.

  • Travel with Food Prepped for the Kids - I always have food that is prepped with me when I am out with the twins (at least one meals worth)....pasta, meatballs, baby carrots, and string cheese are favorites, because you can eat them anytime/anywhere. I also always bring hot dogs because they are easy to cook and my kids love them.

  • New Toy - I always try to have a new toy (or a toy they haven't seen in a while) to present to them when we arrive. It helps keep them entertained throughout our trip much more than our every day toys at home. Mom Hack: Find your local Buy Nothing Group on Facebook, to see if there are some mom's with toys they are ready to pass on for free.

  • Double Stroller - We opted to bring our Zoe Double Stroller, which is our travel stroller. It's still big, but lighter-weight and offers side-by-side seating for the girls. We have made this trip a few times without a stroller - but after our car troubles this time, we will always be taking one!

  • Luvdbaby Hiking Backpack - We searched high and low before deciding on these and are really happy that we did. They are lightweight, adjustable, carry up to 50lbs, and didn't break the bank.

Rundown of our weekend:


We made it out of LA with great timing. Sailing through traffic (thank you twins for letting us take the 3+ HOV lane), and to the base of the mountain in about 2 hours. Lake Arrowhead is located in the top of the San Bernadino mountains, accessible by a single-lane winding road for about 30 miles. Between the heat at the base of the mountain (95 degrees), the stop-and-go traffic on the way in, and the steep incline, our car overheated on the way up. HOLY STRESSFUL!

Insert Cocomelon on the tablet! By a gift, we made it to the top of the mountain and the car gave in a few blocks from a local Autobody shop. We were able to let the car cool off, get some coolant, oil, and catch our breath, before getting back on our way.

Picture of Lyman filling up the coolant:

Picture of the Twins + Nala (our malitpoo) watching Cocomelon:

Once we could mobilize, we headed to a local park and playground to let everyone run around:

Within 5 minutes of being inside the house, we had crap everywhere - but everyone was happy

Picture of the girls with their ToyPix Mama Hen game (I hid it from them 3 months ago for a trip):


We went for a hike arounds Lake Arrowhead on Saturday morning with our Luvdbaby Hiking Backpacks, before spending time at the beach club playing on the playground and reading some books.

After lunch and nap time back home, we went back out for a beer at the new Lake Arrowhead Brewing. We brought a snack for the girls, while we enjoyed a flight of local beers, before hitting up another playground and heading home. Unfortunately, Jayna's stomach didn't appreciate the winding roads and she got carsick.


Departure Day! Where does the time go! After a family breakfast of eggs + avocado toast, we packed up the car to return home to LA. As with many meals, here is a candid shot of me eating breakfast while tending to the twins and trying to get us packed:

Car is full, home we go!

The girls had so much fun, they started crying when we got home....guess that means it was a weekend success! As for me, I could probably use a day off before going back to work tomorrow - but such is life. We keep grinding!


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