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Mom Hack: How to Take Pictures with Twins

OK - so if you have seen my TikToks, you know that the very identical nature of my girls was (and still is) a problem. But I am here to share with you a few secrets to help stack the odds in your favor when taking pictures.

Let's be real - taking a picture of one baby or toddler is hard - but TWO - that's next level.

When they are little - always put the same one on the left and opposite one on the every picture

From the day my girls were born, we always put Baby A (Jayna) on the left and Baby B (Kinsley) on the right. I can look back and know exactly who was who in every picture without checking for toenail polish or a wristband (see my article on telling identical twins apart).

Jayna (left = pink), Kinsley (right = purple) every time!

Use live mode on your camera, especially when they are more mobile

This was a game changer for me as the girls got more mobile and it was harder to catch them both looking at me. You can click on the photo to see the full movement and then select the hero image you want to save.

Change your video settings to the max quality and shoot a video, screenshot the winner and crop.

I actually read this from a mom of quads (yes, quads....4 babies!) who has some amazing family photos that they capture on their own.

Picture from Halloween captured via video:

Use Portrait Mode to capture them in all their glory

My best and most professional looking photos are shot in portrait mode. If I get one good one for every 20 I take, that is impressive.....but you can also capture gems like this to use when they get older:

Take Pictures in front of your front door

This was a new trick that I discovered - but it is great for a few reason (1) They always want to try to escape (2) The lighting is AMAZING! (3) There is a step so they are somewhat still [yes, they will step down, but that leads to number 4] (4) There is usually something to look at which actually makes them stop moving [WIN]

Picture of them Snacking and Staring:


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