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3-Year Old Girl Gift Guide: Birthday, Christmas & More

We just finished celebrating Jayna and Kinsley's third birthday! I was so impressed with some of the gifts we received (they were spot on for the girl's interests and age) and I always have a running list of items I would like to get for them.

With the holidays right around the corner (and many sales already starting), I am sharing some favorites...and I will update this with other items that we are adding to our cart as we move through the season.

As a busy working mom with twins, I rely heavily on Amazon for most purchases and love that they are delivered in just two-days to my door (and now sometimes even overnight!). Full list of Amazon favorites are here with our some of our biggest hits below:

Frozen Nightgown - No doubt this was the top item! We found ours at Target, but you can also get one on Amazon.

Magnetic Dolls - This gift is GENIUS! It is like the paper dolls I played with as a kid, but a modernized version. I love the sets from Melissa & Doug and they are super affordable (~$10) They have a bunch of options, like Sleeping Beauty & Snow White, Career Focused Julia, and Ballerina Nina.

Dance Mat - It's like Dance Dance Revolution for toddlers! Mom bonus - you can control the volume so it is not super loud! This has been a hot commodity toy, where we need to take turns playing (and hopping on the illuminated items) or doing it together. I think this will be a gift that we use for a while since there are several levels. Added bonus - it get's them moving and is perfect for a rainy (or snowy) day inside.

Sticker Book - This one is THE BEST! I probably buy a new one every other month or so, but it's the best spent $10 (because I have to get one per girl). I keep a set in the back of my car for them to play with while we drive, we use them for art, and to decorate pumpkins. I've tried some of the more expensive options but this one in the best.

Snap Jewelry - I have been wanting to get a jewelry kit for a few months and finally landed on this one. I bought one of the X-Large sets which comes with a lot of beads, headbands, rings, and bracelets. My husband was worried about the small pieces, but we decided it's a supervised toy (like art) to make sure it is safe.

Unicorn Robes - The unicorn themed birthday party lead to a lot of Unicorn themed gifts. These robes are so cute! And we wore them to swim lessons this week.

Minnie Ears - We took our first trip to Disneyland before J & K turned 3 (fun fact - kids 3 and under are FREE) and I purchased these ears ahead of time. I am so glad I did! They were 60% less than what I would have paid at the park and I was able to color coordinate with their twin colors (pink and purple)

TuTu Dress - We used these as the base for our Halloween costumes. I selected them because I loved how versatile they are for future use. They also have a soft cotton liner under the tutu portion of the dress making it much more comfortable.


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